Monday, September 8, 2008

disgustingly delicious!

ribs are so damned delish. the only problem is...
you're biting on the bone of what
used to be a living animal!
ew factor?
but, if that doesn't bother you, then hey--
more power to you.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mother of pearl. SOLD.

necklace made by JR's (my boyfriend) mom. real mother of pearl 
& swarovski crystals for spacers. beautiful design. 
it's actually on sale for $40
get @ me if u want it :

Sunday, May 11, 2008

lay the smack down


if i can remember correctly, this was on the inside of a Sobe bottle cap. but, don't quote me on that. 

floral blur

i finished my merchandise presentation project early, so got i bored & started messing around with my camera. it's not a fancy shmancy camera. just a basic sony t5.  i just found it to be quite interesting that the very center of this picture is clear, while the top & bottom are blurred. it wasn't my intention. but, like life--- things don't come out the way we expect them to.


this was a project for my window display class (aka. visual presentation) it was a 6 hour class that sometimes went by waaay too fast. it was a group effort & it was pretty easy to put together. the first picture was a hand rendering of  how we envisioned our window to look when completed. the bottom is the final project. it was done in a museum case window. not a lot of room to work in, but it turned out really well. a cutawl was used to cut out the characters. and, everything in the window was hand-painted & drawn.

one flew over the cuckoo's nest

here's another project from my window display class. in order to complete this project, we had to paint the entire back wall & floors (not pictured). then, we cut out two half circles with a cutawl & joined them together with a big piece of plywood in the back. then, we painted the hypnosis swirl & nailed it to the wall. we searched for props that would be appropriate for the window, such as alcohol bottles, pills, a cart (for the pills) and a pillow. the pillow is supposed to be the one that kills jack nicholson's character in the movie. the pills signify life & the pillow, death. 

styling the mannequins and striking them in the right position were the last things we did. we strategically placed nurse hatchett behind jack-o, so it would look like she was watching him to make sure he would take his pills. luckily, we found a mannequin for jack, with his palm open. we were able to place the pills in his hand & with his head tilted back, it was almost as if he were saying, "OH GOD. NOT THESE DAMNED PILLS AGAIN."

mary, mary why u buggin ?

my mom thinks it's pretty blasphemous for me to take a picture of a religious statue & then give it a title from a song by RUN DMC. 

i think it's appropriate.

get low


flower power.


i just love taking photos of flowers.
to me, they are by far the most
beautiful creations of
mother nature. or God. whatever
your belief is.

attack of the god-daughter.


make love, not war


cartoon fayfee.